Aleksandra Klimczak – soprano, opera singer, voice performer


Graduated with honours from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music’s Vocal And Acting Studies, under tuition of excellent mezzosoprano Anna Radziejewska. Her stage debut was the role of Female Chorus in Warsaw premiere of „The rape of Lucretia” by Benjamin Britten, an independent production, staged in Old Printing House of Polish Press Agency.


From this moment she has been constantly searching for non-standard way of existence of contemporary opera singer.In her artistic activities she confirms the eagerness to break boundaries in modern arts and music genres, by collaborating in many different fields such as dramatic theatre, performance, sound-art, experiments with electronics, extended voice techniques or free-improvisation. Nevertheless, she is still collaborating with traditional institutions, such as Warsaw Philharmonic or Polska Opera Królewska, performing with baroque, classical and romantique repertoire.She has received scholarship from Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for her own project #Witkacy622 [improvised musical performance for opera singer, electronics, harp and flute] and from the Capital City of Warsaw – Ursynów District for SONOR URBIS [sound-art map].She has performed in different places and stages, to mention only Wratislavia Cantans Festival, The Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Nowy Theatre, Warsaw Chamber Opera, The Lower Silesia Philharmonic, Miskolc National Theatre (Hungary), Instalakcje Festival, Resonances Festival, Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, Wybrzeże Theatre, Contemporary Theatre in Wrocław, Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Capitol Theatre in Wrocław, 6th Floor Theatre or Centre for Contemporary Arts at Ujazdowski Castle.

voxMEDIAtive – dyptique for soprano and electronics   |
voxMEDIAtive – dyptique for soprano and electronics

voxMEDIAtive – dyptique for soprano and electronics

This two-part musical project consists of the selection of outstanding medieval compositions interpreted for a solo voice – soprano and electronics, along with an extraordinary visuals based on animated illuminations taken from the works of St. Hildegard and numerous wonderful manuscripts related to Poland or from Polish collections (Psalterium Florianum, Psalterium Nocturnum, Sacramentarium Tinecense, Codex Gertrudianus or the unique Breslau Psalter from the The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambrigde).

Vimeo voxMEDIAtive
Vimeo Vox Animae Symphonialis

Carried out within the scholarship „Culture online” of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of PolandVimeoYouTube

B. Britten – Let’s make an opera – „The little sweep” – POLSKA OPERA KRÓLEWSKA   |
B. Britten – Let’s make an opera – „The little sweep” – POLSKA OPERA KRÓLEWSKA

Aleksandra performs Rowan, the children’s nanny,

in Polish Royal Opera’s production

of „The little sweep” by Benjamin Britten

(premiere June 2018).

Condutor: Przemysław Fiugajski
Stage direction: Kamila Siwińska
Costume designer: Alicja Kokosińska

Matinees for Young Music Lovers – WARSAW PHILHARMONIC   |
Matinees for Young Music Lovers – WARSAW PHILHARMONIC

Since 2014 Aleksandra has colaborated

with Warsaw Philharmonic in the cycle of matinees

for young music lovers, playing solo roles

in semi staged operas for children.

Stage director: Jitka Stokalska

2014 – Marenka – „Prodana nevesta” – B. Smetana
2015 – Serpina – „La serva padrona” – G. Paisiello
2016 – Wanda – „Zamek na Czorsztynie” –  K. Kurpiński
2017 – Pasterka, Córka Króla Midasa – „Król Midas w rękach bogów” –

P. Wróbel
2018 – Zuzia – „Verbum nobile” – St. Moniuszko

16 PSÓW. Rzecz o treserce zwierząt – 39 PPA Off – CAPITOL THEATRE, Wrocław   |
16 PSÓW. Rzecz o treserce zwierząt – 39 PPA Off – CAPITOL THEATRE, Wrocław

Fully stage performance/concert for operasinger, singer, piano and electronics, inspired by the authentic  history of Ewa O.,

who was running a „pet’s hotel” in her small flat,

keeping tens of cats, dogs and other animals in critical conditions.


stage design&direction: Kamila Siwińska
text, music, singer: Joanna Szumacher
piano, actress Malgorzata Walentynowicz
operasinger, live electronics, actress: Aleksandra Klimczak
costume designer: Armada Tomasz
composer: Krzysztof Wolek
photos: Grzesiek Mart


The Bathtub Memory Project – INSTALAKCJE 7. MUSIC FESTIVAL – NOWY TEATR   |

The Instalakcje Festival has been specializing in the presentation of atypical musical forms not fitting the traditional concert music format.
During the seventh edition of the festival Aleksandra Klimczak was performing in The Bathtub Memory Project, a production for Munich Biennale, which was created by 5 artists with different artistic backgrounds aiming to create a personal moment for the spectator – an artistic venture where music, image and the overall mood of the installation give the spectator the opportunity to have a complete sensory experience. In a world moving fast, in an adults’ world they invite the spectator to come on his own and let himself go for a few moments to a place where time expands and childhood finds room to grow again and give birth to new associations hopes and dreams.

The performance was exclusively addressed to only one spectator at a time. One had also to bring a swimsuit as they were lying in a bathtub filled with warm water during the performance.

Composition: Eleftherios Veniadis;
Direction: Eleni Efthymiou;
video: Leonidas Giannakopoulos;
stage design: Natasa Efstathiadi;
Video Illustrator: Vassilis Selimas

Aleksandra Klimczak (soprano)/Monika Łopuszyńska (soprano)/Eleni Efthymiou (soprano)
Karolina Szewczykowska (viola da gamba)



[vox.loci] – Resonances 2018 Festival – Galeria EL, Elbląg   |
[vox.loci] – Resonances 2018 Festival – Galeria EL, Elbląg

[vox.loci] is a site-specific project – performative concert for voice and space of EL Gallery in Elbląg, created for Resonances 2018 Festival. The concept is based on voice and electronics improvisation  reworking the musical heritage of the space, historical sources of the library of Evangelische Hauptkirche zu St. Marien, which the gallery building used to be before the end of the II WW.

Voice, live electronics: Aleksandra Klimczak
visuals: Dawid Zalesky, Piotr Pająk


#Witkacy622 – Mózg Warszawa – Ministry of Culture and National Heritage   |
#Witkacy622 – Mózg Warszawa – Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

#Witkacy622 was Aleksandra’s original improvised musical performance for opera singer, electronics,  harps and flute based on the autobiographical novel „The 622 downfalls of Bungo or the demonic woman” by Witkacy.

Concept, staging, vocals, audio effects: Aleksandra Klimczak
harp: Zuzanna Federowicz
flute: Antonina Styczeń-Leszczyńska
Rhodes, electronics: Andrzej Karałow
Bungo’s voice: Adam Fidusiewicz



An interactive sound-art map, project which was awarded with Artistic Scholarship from the City of Warsaw. The idea is based on combining soundscape of the Ursynów district with improvising to this particular soundscape musicians and operasinger.

The recordings were made during 2017.

Design: Dawid Zalesky
Musicians: Antonina Styczeń | Maciej Papierski | Witaly Appow | Ewa Cichoń | Piotr Dąbrowski | Michał Fetler | Piotr Mełech | Nasta Niakrasava | Wojtek Więckowski | Kamil Szuszkiewicz | Aleksandra Klimczak
Mix, master: Tom Decybelluse